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At the age of 7, Talan was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. This diagnosis gave the family answers to many symptoms Talan had been experiencing from birth. Talan suffered joint pains, headaches, rashes, sleep disturbances, night terrors, vomiting and fatigue as well as food allergies and gut issues.  

Juile, Talan's mom suffered the same insidious disease as her son. The two have taken a long and difficult journey through testing, diagnosis and treatment. The issue with Lyme disease is it mimics other illnesses, and diagnosis is difficult.

In 2017, Talan was in remission from Lyme and even doing well alhough dealing with Ehlers Danlos Syndrom, known as hypermobility, which in itself can be disabling. 

Talan and mom first diagnosed.png

But by the end of 2017 remission was a thing of the past. His family was exposed to mold in the home they were living and he now was sicker than he had ever been before. Talan's family was forced to move and get rid of all of their belongings, due to the mold exposure. Talan gladly gave up all of his clothing, bedding and everything he owned just to feel better. At this point he and his mother became so ill. Talan had become home bound and could no longer play his travel baseball, go to school or even see friends at a birthday party.  Despite all these OBSTACLES, he is an overcomer.  

Treatments, homeschooling and true faith in God is what has gotten this family through.  When Talan's family's belongings were being taken away because of the mold, one of the mold remediators gave Talan a bracelet. The bracelet said "Colossians 3:12, As God's chosen and beloved people holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, gentleness, humility and patience." They knew that God was speaking to them, letting them know despite their struggle he was right there protecting them and walking this journey with them.  

From there they knew that living in a moldy state (Oregon) was not a good idea, and being so far from family and doctors, they knew they needed to move back to California.  Unfortunately, they moved right as California was being shut down for Covid, and there were no homes to move into at the time. Finally the family found a home, but after being there for a few months, they again found high levels of mold. The roof had been leaking. They moved again, and then moved again because of mold. The family moved three times in seven months, God being with them every step of the way.

By this time, Talan was so sick with mold illness, POTS and lots of infections, he now could not get up out of bed to even do on-line school. He was weak, fatigued, in pain, had brain fog and struggling cognitively. This was in 2020. But when they moved to their new home, that was finally free of mold and safe, within a week Talan was running around and full of life again.  

Talan had always been interested in American Ninja Warrior.  He had a few birthday parties at various facilities, he loved to swing and jump through the air.  As he started feeling better, getting the treatments he needed, he grew stronger and happier.  


Talan loved Star Wars and sword fighting. He began training with swords which then led him into training for American Ninja Warrior. Talan has had the opportunity to train with some of the best ninjas at Traverse Fitness in Richmond. He has built some amazing friendships.  American Ninja Warrior is a community that supports individuals struggling with illness. The sport is like no other sport, uplifting each other, supporting each other and encouraging each other.  What a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful community.  


Talan is still struggling every day but he is a warrior.  He knows if he has a big competition he stays in bed a day or two before the comp and may need to be down after as well.  He has learned to listen to his body.  He sticks to a certain diet, as food is healing, he works out both weights, endurance and ninja and he visualizes his success.  He is a warrior.

"Never give up, Never back down, Never stop fighting!"

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